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Study of the impact of eTwinning on participating pupils, teachers and schools


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Study of the Impact of eTwinning on the participating pupils, teachers and schools

EfC was commissioned by the EC Directorate of Lifelong Learning to conduct an impact study of eTwinning.  The 21 month project looked at the impact of eTwinning partnerships on pupils, teachers and schools and factors that helped or hindered participation in eTwinning.

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eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe.  It was launched in 2005 with the aim of enabling school twinning as an opportunity for all young people to learn and practice information and communication technology (ICT) skills, as well as promoting awareness of the multicultural European model of society.

The EC intended that eTwinning could improve cooperation between schools and enable teachers from across Europe to meet virtually and exchange ideas and teaching practice examples.


There are currently almost 100,000 registered eTwinners from 73,500 schools in 32 countries across Europe!


The study

The impact study looked at how teachers participate in eTwinning and what factors contribute to or hinder its success.

Specifically, the study examined:

  • How schools and teachers use eTwinning to network across Europe
  • How eTwinning helps to build social capital
  • How participating teachers perceive eTwinning
  • The impact of eTwinning on pupils, teachers and the school
  • The impact of eTwinning within the wider Comenius Programme

The study used the following methodologies:

  • Desk-based research
  • Consultation, including Central and National Support Services
  • Survey of eTwinning teachers (conducted in 23 languages)
  • Case studies in at least 20 schools in 10 different countries
  • Generation of recommendations of possible improvements to eTwinning action, design and management


 Latest News

This project has now ended. The final report is available by following the link on this page.