Researchers of Tomorrow:
A three year (BL/JISC) study tracking the research behaviour of 'Generation Y' doctoral students

The results from our three year groundbreaking study with The Research Partnership on the research behaviour of 'Generation Y' researchers have been published in a fascinating report.

The study was commissioned by British Library and JISC as part of the Researchers of Tomorrow project. EfC examined the information-seeking behaviour of 30 doctoral students born between 1982 and 1994.   We analysed their research habits in both online and physical research environments and assessed how they use library and information sources on and off line.

The study comprised a survey of doctoral students of all ages to provide background to the Generation Y research. The first iteration of the survey took place at the end of June 2009 with the assistance of over 70 HEIs and covered all subject disciplines. It was repeated in 2010 and 2011. 


What are the benefits of the project?

During an event at the British Library for our Generation Y cohort, JISC conducted video interviews to find out how this project will bring benefits to students and the funding council.

For students

 Interview    Student Interview 

For the funding council

 Benefits of project   


Project Reports

Final Report





Final Project Report









RoT 2010 ReportFirst Annual Report (2010) RoT Annual Report 2011Second Annual Report (2011)


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Other activities in the Researchers of Tomorrow study include a comprehensive and ongoing literature review and a longitudinal student tracking study that engages with a cohort of approximately 50 doctoral candidates through telephone interviews, workshops and online fora.

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